Sunday, 27 January 2013



Ahh, where do I start.. It all started when you was a tiny little seed, who has grown into the most beautiful flower ever may I add.. (Lmao PJ)
 No, in all seriousness, I'm so blessed to have met such an amazing person. It was back in 2004 when the biggest problem in life was what outfit to where.. But I'm pretty sure that's still our biggest problem now baha! 
You are such a beautiful person, inside & out, as I'm sure everyone in the world will agree, am I right guys? :) I'm so excited for what this year has to offer Nad, we've had so many amazing memories & I intend to make even more amazing ones this year! From dancing to silly songs with our phones as a microphone to travelling the world having fun - yes, we will be booking 100's of trip shortly, damn straight! Where's first? ^_^

Looking through old photo's makes me teary eyed, I've added a few above as you may have noticed... haha! The amount of tears we have had just from laughing is enough to flood the world. WHAT IS DIS!? habdxjhsd oh lord.

Anyway, I literally could ramble on the whole night, I'm writing this as you sleep.. Lucky me gets to wake up next to your pretty little face in the morning. I'll do the honours of bringing you tea in bed.. Stir it so it spins around, wait until it stops swirling, squish it & add 1 sugar - perfecto! Y'see, I got this girllll ;D

I hope you have the most amazing day in the whole wide world, well, an amazing year in fact.. Except, I don't have to hope because it's already a fact that you will. Love you all the world, forever & ever & EVER.

MWAH, see you in the morning for cuddle o'clock! <3

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