Friday, 30 March 2012

Healthy Supper

For some reason I've not really been hungry at all today, I've hardly ate anything. Although I have just got peckish before bed so I decided to have something healthy.
Night time isn't the best of times to be eating junk food, even though it's delicious..

So I chose this :)

Yummy! I love fruit, I should eat it more often instead of sweets - oops!

But anyway, I'm going to snuggle up in bed with Matthew & watch a film so yeah, goodnight world..


Trip to Town

Straight after my shoot, I met up with my girl Zahra. Was a much needed catch up, I'd not seen her in so long!
We decided to go to Nandos even though I wasn't hungry & only got a drink. I was so annoyed at myself because I've not been to Nandos in what feels like forever & then when I get there & don't want anything... Weirdo.

Anyway, it was so nice to see her pretty face again!

Shoot with Kat Hussain

I've had such a wonderful day today!
 I was asked by make up artist Kat Hussain to model for "The Beautiful Truth" - it's her makeup academy. Her talent is amazing, I couldn't believe how flawless she made my face look by using just make-up..
 She doesn't retouch/airbrush her pictures.

I got the pictures straight away so here are a few of them :)

Totally love how beautiful Asian clothing/make-up/jewellery is, I felt like a princess wearing it all! :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shopping Fail/Tan Review

Okay, so when Matthew woke up we headed out to the precinct. As usual, I didn't get anything I planned to, instead, I come back with a thin & crispy pizza from 'Iceland', the nicest friggin' pizza ever by the way! (the one in the green box) & some 'GOSH' self tan.
Well, Matthew treated me to the tan because he is the bestest boyfriend ever! :)

This is what it looks like, it's actually my favorite 'drugstore' tan. 

I got the exact same one as the picture, the tanning gel in dark.

I've tried all sorts of tans. Ones from £2.50 to ones up to £25 & I have to say this is the one I have bought several times, this must be like my 5th bottle or something. 
It's not that expensive either, it's around £7.50 & comes in a Light, Medium & Dark. I always choose the dark in tans if there is an one because light/medium self tanners don't do much for me.

I apply this to my face with an ELF Powder Brush, actually the best brush ever & it's only £3.50!

& to apply it to my body I use a 'Solait' tan mitt which is 'Superdrugs' own & that is also £3.50

Any one who is looking for a really affordable, quality self-tan, I recommend this GOSH one. It can only be found in Superdrug (so I have found) or on the GOSH website itself. 

I can't wait to go on holiday & get a nice real tan! I hate using self tan sometimes, takes a lot of effort, but until we all go on holiday..

Happy tanning! :D


After 3 everyone say... "Awww!"


Matthew is a tired little muffin today, he's been up since 5am for work, got back & went gym & then fell asleep next to me bless him :)

Although he's gotta get up soon because we need to go to the precinct to grab something to eat for tea before it closes! 
 I also need to grab some toiletries & what not; face wipes, heat protector spray ect ect.. So yeah, speak to you all soon!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Park Day

Me & Matthew decided to take a visit to Heaton Park & sit on the grass in the sunshine :)

     Top - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Trainers - Converse         Shorts - H&M, Belt - Timberland, Trainers - Vans

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hot Chef

So I've got this hunk cooking up an Italian dish for me ;)

Haha! If you're reading this Matthew.. I love you :)

Walk in The Sun

You all know by now that I flippin' love going for walks, especially in the sun & especially with Matthew :)

We went to Sale Water Park & just sat on the grass watching the ducks haha, they're so funny when you actually watch what they get up to..

& now we're back at Matthew's & once AGAIN he is cooking for me, I really have got a good dude

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Best Body Butter!

I frickin' LOVE this stuff!!!

This is like the cheapest, bestest body butter I've ever used in my life! It cost me something amazing like 99p from 'Body Care'. It was either 99p or £1.99, either way, it's still a flippin' bargain!

I use this on my face every night before bed & when I've put it on it makes my face feel as if it's just been exfoliated, so so so smoooooth!
Honestly, if you have a Body Care near you, go grab one of these! You get loads in it as well, I've hardly used any of it & I've had it for ages & use it every night.

So yeah, get one of these & get yourself a smooth, soft face! ^_^

"Vamp" Make-up Look

Got a little bored & thought I'd experiment, the make-up I've done is a kinda "vamp" look..

I normally don't do a smokey eye with a red lip because I usually want either the eyes to stand out or just the lip. But I'm not going anywhere & I'm just experimenting so I thought I'd put them both together.

So yeah, that's it really.. :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Going for lunch wasn't enough for Emily, so she wanted me back for some cocktails! Haha just kidding..  
Well, I'm not really! :D

So yeah, Emily picked me up couple hours after we had been out for lunch & we went back to hers for cocktails.
Her sister Lauren had them ready for when we got back, bless her the star! :)

Just look how yummy that looks! 
Well, it looked better before I had already half drank it, but it still looks delicious!

We had a right laugh! I really enjoyed myself :)

Same time next week Emily!? See you there! ;) hahaha!

Beautiful Sunshine

Ahh what a lovely day today has been! :D

I went for lunch with my friend Emily, was lovely! Although I wasn't happy at the fact there was a lunch menu that said "burger & chips - £2.50" & mine cost me £6.70 -___-
Was a bloody good job it tasted nice other wise I would of threw it back into the kitchen where they made it!

After lunch, I went back to Emily's house for a cuppa & a Kardashian catch up!
She also made me some yummy ice cream & topped it with crumbled Oreo's
Mmm Mm! 

After a lovely day with Emily, I went home & sat in the garden with my Mum, Dad & Aunty.. Oh & my dog, Samson :)

The sun was beautiful today & according to the weather forcast it's suppose to be sunny all week, wahoo!

Hope you're all enjoying the sun :)

Friday, 23 March 2012


I'm babysitting tonight for my brother & my sister in-law :)

Aww beautiful couple huh? :)
Shame it's a bad quality picture, it's in a frame in his house so I just took a picture of it on my phone..

So yeah I'm spending the evening looking after my 4 year old nephew, he's so funny! Didn't realize how funny he was until tonight.

He asked me if I wanted a mint so I said "well.. go on then" so he got me one & he said "I'm not allowed one at this time" so I said "aw how come?"  he said "it makes me too giddy" so I said "ooh god that's not good is it?" so he said "well, I might just have a little nibble of one?" LOL 
The way he said it, I just burst out laughing, he was so serious, bless him the little cutie :)

I love being at my brother's house, he has the most beautiful house I've ever been in!

This is only a fraction of his kitchen, it's huge with a big island in & heated marble flooring..
(Sorry for boasting, I'm just so proud of him for creating a beautiful home!)

Try & tell me this chair isn't amazing!

Ahh I just love his house so much, from the outside it looks like a holiday home. He's had it all plastered & painted cream with a big light brown wooden door & a new roof to match. Absolutely beautiful his house is, I wanna live in it! :D

 I'll try to stop going on about it now haha! But if you'd been to it, you'd know what I mean :)

Anyway, my little nephew says na night! :)
He wanted to stay in his mum & dad's bed, bless him :)


So tired this morning, didn't want to get out of bed. I had a rubbish sleep as well, I woke up almost every hour o_O

Best get up now anyway, I've got my "work trial" thingy later so I need to freshen' up!

Have a good day! :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Night Night

It's been a beautiful day today, first day we've had where the sun has actually been warm enough to show some skin! I'm saying this as if I even went out & enjoyed it. I only walked up to the village & bought some sweets -___-
Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow as well..

Anyway, I'm tired now & I have a "job trial" tomorrow so hopefully that goes well :)


Who said Dogs are a Man's best friend?

Ahh, cuddles with my real life teddy bear Samson. He's a beautiful Japanese Akita.

By the looks of this picture, dogs are a girls best friend too ^_^

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lazy Day

I've done nothing but sit around all day today. The most active thing I've done is walk to Matthew's car to go get KFC. So healthy.

Even to do that I didn't get dressed. I'm still sat here "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on" but that's what I'm most comfy in, so who cares!? Do you care? Nope, me either :)

Matthew's watching the football now with his Dad, it's not even United so god knows why he's watching it, apparently it's an "important game", boys ay? Talk such nonsense sometimes...
So yeah, I'ma just sit here with my cuppa tea & some biscuits & listen to my music.

Enjoy the rest of your evening! :)

Summer Hair

Okay I know I've literally only just dyed my hair dark, but I can't wait to have blonde/caramel
colours put back in for my holiday.
My holiday isn't until August so I've got a couple of months to get it back healthy again.
I know, it sounds silly me going through chopping it off & going dark to get it healthy again to just ruin it with bleach. But the thing is, my hair is so strong, I've used bleach so many times & it's been fine, my main issue is not cutting it enough & not using products to keep it healthy, that's why I've had to have a big chop..

ANYWAY... I want it like this again for summer! :D

(Excuse the crappy picture, I had to screen shot it from a video because I can't find a picture with my hair this colour)

What do you think? 
This for summer, or stay dark? Hmm..


As I said on my previous post, I love coral colours! So I decided to paint my toes in a corally/orange colour :)

I used this nail polish Miss Sporty in colour 323.
It's a cheap polish from Superdrug but it works really well.

Sorry about the picture if you hate feet! 
I don't mind mine that much, little size 3's ^_^

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


 It's finally Spring, so let's say goodbye to Winter! :(

Spring is nice. The weather starts to brighten up & get a little warmer & I love all the trends that come out! Both make-up wise & clothing.

I love "Spring inspired" lipstick/lipgloss colours, especially corals!

My favorite coral lipgloss is this one..

Mac Cremesheen Glass - Richer Lusher
(bit pricey but it is a beautiful lipgloss!)

& my favourite coral lipstick is this..

Sleek - Peaches & Cream
(I think it's that price.. Such a bargain & goes on so smoothly!)

Also loving the "Miami" clothing  that River Island are doing, I want everything!

What are your favorite trends this season?

Monday, 19 March 2012


Just on the way to see Matthew so I thought I'd show what I'm wearing, not done an outfit of the day yet :)

Jacket - Jane Norman,  Top - H&M,  Blouse - Shout,  Leggings - River Island

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Memory Lane With Matthew

I was just looking through old pictures that I have on my laptop of me & Matthew so I thought I'd share them because they make me happy :)

I have loads more on my other computer so when I can be bothered to put them on my laptop I'll put them on too :)

Our ages range from me being 15-17 & Matthew 17-19

Awww :)