Thursday, 31 May 2012

In Need of New Makeup!

I'm about to go crazy. 
I'm not, slight exaggeration..
But I really want to buy lots of new make-up & skin care products. My skin seems to be slacking recently & I need something to help make it nice again :)
I also want lots of new make-up to try out new looks for my blog. I get excited doing them, especially after doing a couple shoots & seeing the amazing things make-up can do to your face!

Anyone know any good products to try? Nothing ridiculously expensive though please. I only go all out on eyeshadow & stuff for experimenting. Most days I wear zilch, so I don't want to be spending a lot of money on something I won't be using very often.

Bites! ¬_¬

On the sad side of things, the sun has gone, we are now due our typical rainy weather.. On the good side of things, I hope that means no more bites are on the way!

I never ever get bit on holiday, yet over this past week or so that we've had good weather, I've been bitten like crazy!
Just look at the size of this one on the side of my thigh/bum, it's huge!

& that's only one of them! I have about 3/4 on my arm, 2 on my foot & 1 on my shoulder :(
The others are smaller than this though thank god, but they still itch like crazy!

I hope none of you have been bitten, it's really no fun :(

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How To: Put In & Maintain Clip-In Hair Extensions

I thought I'd do a post on how to clip in hair extensions as it's a common asked question by people who have never worn them before & as I am wearing them most of the time now until my hair grows back, I thought it just made sense for me to do it.
Also, Me & Matthew have started selling hair extensions. We haven't got all colours & thicknesses yet but we have a number of the standard 70g clip ins. These would only really be suitable to people with thin hair. 
Me personally needs 100g+ because I naturally have thick, long hair. 
But if any of you have thinner hair & are looking for extensions, please get in touch & we may just be able to solve your problem! :D

Anyway, onto the tutorial on how to clip them in.. :)


Starting at the lower back section of your head, use a tail comb or
 index fingers to divide (horizontally part) your hair, the the lower back of the head (just below one ear to the other ear)



Hair extensions should be attached from the bottom of the head up. With a tail comb or index fingers, create a part where you wish to section off the hair.


With the remaining hair, clip it up on the top of your hair to keep it out of the way whilst attaching clips.
You don't want to be clipping random strands in & make a mess of your hair! :)


The first weft should be one of the 6" (average size) of the wefts. Always start with the smaller weft & work up to the top. Of course the smallest ones are used last as they're for the sides of your head.
Once you have done that, open clips & attach onto hair & snap them shut firmly.


Release a layer of the hair down that you previously clipped up & leave about half an inch to an inch between each weft layer. After that, clip up the remaining hair so you can attach the next weft.


Insert the remaining wefts using the same steps as above. Repeat the process with a new parting above each weft.
It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it! :)


This is the most important part to making them look natural I think, so make sure you don't forget this step.
Run your fingers along each weft to make sure there are no gaps & that they're flat to your head. If there are any gaps, snap open the clip, reposition it & snap it back shut again - it's as simple as that! :)


Insert & position all of the side pieces into your hair so that they frame your face & also blend in with your own hair, making the hair exentions look a lot more natural.
No one would ever know it wasn't your own! ;D


To remove your hair extensions, open all the clips & gently remove off your hair. (I tend to start from the top so they don't get tangled) 
Never try to remove them without un-clipping them first as it can result in damaging your natural hair.
I'm sure you all have enough common sense to not do that though! ;)

How To Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Maintaining your hair extensions is what determines how long they will last & to be honest, it's something I am rubbish at!
You're probably wondering why I'm telling you how to do it when I rarely do it myself, but I'm doing so, so you don't waste your money buying new ones when you can buy one set that will last months!

Every night, you should brush them gently with a special extension brush (you can get them on eBay for a couple of pound) & then put them either in an empty box or bag.

When washing them, wash them in warm water, not too cold & not too hot. Hot water damages them, same way heat does (straightners, curlers ect). Again, you might be wondering why heat isn't good for them when they are human hair? & it's the same answer why they aren't good for your own hair, heat burns your hair & damages extensions even more as they don't have natural oils ect like our own hair.
Heated hair tools can be used on them, I curl mine all the time, but just make sure you use a heat protector spray or even use a lower heat setting if your tool has the setting to do so.
You also don't need to wash them as often as you would wash your own hair. Like I said earlier, hair extensions don't have any natural oils or anything in them so it will take a lot more time for them to get greasy/dirty ect..

Doing all of them steps will ensure that they last longer. It is a lot of effort, which is why I sometimes don't do it, but it's worth the extra bit of time if you want to save that extra bit of money ;)

Hope I've helped! :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sun's Still Shining

Me & Matthew went to Sale Water Park for a sit down in the sun & a nice chat about the future.
We always seem to have future talks at Sale Water Park.. It's like our thinking place :)
We discussed maybe moving away for the summer next year before we get tied down with super bills like a mortgage & stuff when we move out. May as well enjoy being young & free whilst we can! :)

Whilst we was sat down, Matthew saw a ladybird in the water & decided to rescue it - bless him!

After rescuing the ladybird, we just sat & looked at the pretty view of the sun shining onto the water & the beautiful swan with it's babies swimming past :)

After our walk we just went back to Matthew's & sat in the garden with his Mum, Dad & Todd..

Todd's got it easy, rollin' around in the sun getting tickled - lucky bugger! :)

Now that it's cooled down a little, we've come inside & Matthew is cooking for me again :)
We was going to go out for food but we decided to leave that until later on in the week..
 Also, when we go out for food, I may let Matthew tell me what he has planned for our 5 year anniversary next month. He's been pestering me to let him tell me what it is, so I might just let him.
Super excited! I wonder what he has up his sleeve ;)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Blast Fom The Past

Ahh, was looking through baby pictures with Mum in the garden & thought I would share some of them with you ^_^


(LMAO! In my Mum's cowboy boots. Apparently, when ever I found them I HAD to put them on hahaha!)

 My beautiful mum back in '92 :)

 This was the picture I won a Mother Care baby competition with.
When Matthew was a baby, he won the same competition - how strange! It was meant to be :')

 Me & my cousin Martin

 Year 1 or 2 I think.. I also always did that weird thing I'm doing with my hands when I was shy :)

 LOL - bad assss

Bad ass again in my Barbie jeep LOL

Housewife in the making!

Chubby chops :)

Fancy pram :D

Games nerd - probs playing Sonic on the Sega haha

Lovin' life at the caravan. It's weird how my hair was so light when I was young & then when dark - hmm!

When I was about 11 with my Grandad's dog Louie & look how frickin' amazingly long my hair was. I need it back. :'(

But yeah, that's all I've dug out for now.. Hope you enjoyed my little blast from the past! :D

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Water Fight

I say water fight.. But it was just me squirting everyone with water & not letting anyone do it back to me :D
My favorite victim was the dog - he HATED it! Mwuahaha!

& as you can tell from this picture, he went in a mood with me haha!

I was being "cruel to be kind". He was baking hot so I thought I'd squirt some water on him to cool him down but it just happened to be that he didn't like it :( haha.. Sorry Sampy! :(

Really loving this sun. I know I've said that in like every post recently but I am.. Shame I have to go & work in it later, blahhh! Have a good Sunday every one! :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

TGI Fridays!

Okay, it's Saturday, but we still went to TGI's ;D

We only went for an ice-cream because personally, I'm not a fan of TGI's food. Not that it's not nice, but it's just burgers really & they're over priced - in my opinion. 
But there again, I'm a cheap skate so what would I know!? Haha!

Anyway, I got the Oreo Sundae, Mmm Mm!

Deee-licious! :D

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Loving This Weather!

Straight after my shoot I went back to mine & sat in the garden with my Samson (the dog) :)

After chilling for a little while I get a text from Emily asking what I'm doing, which I answered "nothing really" or something along those lines.. So we decided to go for a drink - non alcoholic though! :)

We went to Bohemia in the city centre, it's such a nice place when it's a sunny day.

Ohh how I love sunshine! ^_^

Shoot for Madeeha Ahktar

I got asked by MUA Madeeha Ahktar to do a shoot today. The theme was Arabian, but she wanted the look to be a little softer & not as harsh as the typical Arab make-up. I love both harsh & soft Arab style make-up but obviously softer is more wearable :)
It was fun & Madeeha was lovely! I'll be doing more shoots with her soon & each one should be a little different! ;D

Here are the pictures from the shoot :)

Excited for future shoots! Will keep you all updated :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another Beautiful Day :D

Relaxing in Matthew's garden whilst he cuts the hedges..
 He's proving to be husband material, plus, he's cooking my favorite meal again for me tonight - What a man!!! :D

Matthew's also stopped cutting the hedges every few minutes so he doesn't kill baby snails. Instead, he's picked them all up & put them in the same place so they can have a "party" haha! Bless him..

Aww, look how small it is! He also found one that was LOADS smaller but my phone wouldn't focus on it - silly phone! :(

I'm just sat here with my drumstick lolly enjoying the sun :)
Could do with an ice lolly really.. But this will do for now I suppose! :D

Also thought I'd do a little OOTD for you :)

Strap top - Primark, Shorts - Primark, Trainers - Converse

Have fun in the sun everyone! I'm loving it :D

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Ahh, what a lovely day today has been! Love the sun :)
Anyway, haven't really got much to say apart from the fact I'm looking forward to a nice lie in tomorrow! :D
Poor Matthew has work at 6am & I'll still be in bed by the time he gets home - yayy! Haha :)
Oh & one more thing.. Todd (Matthew's cat) also decided to invade my space & sat right in front of my laptop, he looks super into what ever he was looking at, at this moment hahaha. This picture made me LOL. I showed Matthew & he was just like "what you laughing at?" obvs didn't get the amusement I got from this picture.. You ready? :'D

LOOOOL! Just look at his face! Hil-frickin-arious!
Well, I thought so anyway.. :D
Oh & ignore Matthew's cringey posters in the background..
 He keeps saying he's going to take them down & always forgets. He's had them up since he was like 16 & he's 22 now ¬__¬


Goodnight everyone, mwah! X

Enjoying The Sun!

LOVING this weather. Love, love, love!

This post is literally going to be lots of pictures of me & Matthew from today.. Enjoy! :D