Thursday, 14 March 2013


Frickin' love my new workout jumper! Can't wait to get in the gym with it on Monday to start "bootcamp". My work are doing the bootcamp in the style of "Biggest Loser", so excited! Who ever has the best transformation can win the chance of a luxury holiday, £300 & an iPad! Hopefully I can win, in need of a luxury holiday after all this miserable weather we have here in the UK & especially Manchester. My body is craving some sunshine.. Well, in 16 weeks time, maybe I will be lying there on a beach with my new summer bod! ;D

Anyone wanting a jumper like this, they're £25 including post & packaging. Let me know & I can get one ordered for you :)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

JuicePlus+ Chewables

Yummy! Not only have I got the JuicePlus+ Complete Shakes but I now also have the JuicePlus+ Chewables! I am definitely going to be in top shape by summer as well as super duper healthy!

If you're not looking to lose weight but just need extra nutrition, or don't have time to get your 5 a day. The JuicePlus+ Capsules & Chewables are perfect as they contain17 portions of fruit, veg & berries from over 26 different types - AMAZING! There are no vitamins out there that can give you that amount of nutrition.
The best thing I like about it is not only does it make me healthy on the inside, but it really shows on the outside as skin, hair & nails begin to look amazing! Hair & nails can grow a lot faster & be stronger & blemishes on the skin clear up. Many clients with eczema have found that being on JuicePlus+ for a few months, sometimes weeks has helped clear it up. Doctors also recommend JuicePlus+ for skin conditions.

Get in touch for more info on any of our JuicePlus+ products & I'll help you in the best way I can!

Have a nice day ^_^

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Momma's Day


Hope you all spoiled your mothers to beautiful flowers & nice meals! I know I did :)
Love you Mum x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Late Breakfast

 Oh em gee, I've been wanting to go this cute little cafe for so long! Finally headed there today whilst passing by. The nicest of people worked there also, literally wanted to steal them all just to add some more positivity into my life ^_^
 Feeling so positive about everything in my life recently, I truly believe positive thoughts equals positive outcome.
On that note, have a wonderful day! The sun is shining so enjoy it whilst it last :D

Saturday, 2 March 2013

JuicePlus+ Conference

WOW guys! What an amazing event! If you wasn't there you truly did miss out. Walked out of there feeling totally inspired & motivated to carry on helping so many people to be healthy, wealthy & happy! ^_^ 
Also learnt some amazing new facts thanks to the amazing Dr Nyjon Eccles! Did you know that.. Having a high cholesterol isn't actually bad for you? In fact, the lower your cholesterol the more chance of having a heart attack or getting cancer! I know right.. All these adverts we see about lowering our cholesterol as well, disgraceful! Anyway.... He taught me some amazing health facts leaving me feeling totally intellectual, not that I'm not already intellectual 8-) .. Also loved hearing Dave O'Brien's speech. Such an amazing guy! Please research him, his story is so inspirational. He ran marathons in 4 deserts in 38 weeks at 59 years of age AND the amazing thing is.. He truly believes it's all down to being on the JuicePlus+ Premium Capsules. He said there's no better thing for your body than to get all your fruit, beg & berries down you which is what is all held in the capsules.. 17 portions of all them things to be precise! ^_^
The next that will be held I'll be sure to let you all know & it'd also be great to meet some of you too.. Have a nice day :)

Friday, 22 February 2013


 Another day of shopping... Think it's the ordinary in our lives now to just spend it shopping. Not the most logical way to spend almost every day but the most fun at least ^_^ 
God knows what we'll come out with this time. Most likely more lipsticks & handbags, or maybe even a cuter little shirt for tomorrows JuicePlus+ event. Super excited to attend. Anyone else wanting to, please feel free to do so! It'll be held at the Mariott Hotel in Hale, Manchester at 10am! Look forward to seeing some of you! :)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Zzz, good work out in the gym, my trainer literally kicked my ass until I couldn't physically work out any longer! I have a funny feeling my legs won't be working properly for the next few days... I literally got home & slid down the radiator onto the floor.. Yep, that's how tired I am.
But y'know what they say, no pain, no gain! Bring on more gym! :D