Monday, 28 January 2013

Nad's Birthday Meal

Yum! We headed out to the delicious Zizzi's for a cute birthday date for Nad's 20th. As you can see, the meal looked scrumptious & went down a treat with the Sicilian lemonade I got.
As you all know, I'm a tidge bit Italian so anything Italian goes down well with me! ;D 
This is the first of many birthday treats we have planned for Nad, next stop party at mine on Saturday - yayyyy!

Hope you've had a lovely birthday Nad, love you xox

Sunday, 27 January 2013



Ahh, where do I start.. It all started when you was a tiny little seed, who has grown into the most beautiful flower ever may I add.. (Lmao PJ)
 No, in all seriousness, I'm so blessed to have met such an amazing person. It was back in 2004 when the biggest problem in life was what outfit to where.. But I'm pretty sure that's still our biggest problem now baha! 
You are such a beautiful person, inside & out, as I'm sure everyone in the world will agree, am I right guys? :) I'm so excited for what this year has to offer Nad, we've had so many amazing memories & I intend to make even more amazing ones this year! From dancing to silly songs with our phones as a microphone to travelling the world having fun - yes, we will be booking 100's of trip shortly, damn straight! Where's first? ^_^

Looking through old photo's makes me teary eyed, I've added a few above as you may have noticed... haha! The amount of tears we have had just from laughing is enough to flood the world. WHAT IS DIS!? habdxjhsd oh lord.

Anyway, I literally could ramble on the whole night, I'm writing this as you sleep.. Lucky me gets to wake up next to your pretty little face in the morning. I'll do the honours of bringing you tea in bed.. Stir it so it spins around, wait until it stops swirling, squish it & add 1 sugar - perfecto! Y'see, I got this girllll ;D

I hope you have the most amazing day in the whole wide world, well, an amazing year in fact.. Except, I don't have to hope because it's already a fact that you will. Love you all the world, forever & ever & EVER.

MWAH, see you in the morning for cuddle o'clock! <3

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tight Curls

Tested out some new curlers today, absolutely in LOVE.
They're slightly smaller curls than I usually go for but I think I prefer them - it's nice to have a change now & then ^_^
If you're wondering how I curl my hair, I did a video on my YouTube channel, there video is > here < I did the exact same technique to achieve these curls except the curling wand I used for this look is the 7mm-10mm Lee Stafford one - absolutely amazinggg! May post a new video on it anyway just to show you but until then, my old one should be okay ^_^

Friday, 18 January 2013

JuicePlus - Mango Smoothie!

Decided to try a new recipe once again this morning & I must say, this is my favourite & I think it'll be hard to top! Here's how to make it..

1 scoop vanilla JuicePlus+ complete shake
250ml skimmed milk
Handful of frozen mangos
Handful of ice cubes

Honestly, this is going to be my new fave shake to make!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sleek Glow

I decided to use the highlighter from my trusty sleek contour kit to head out for a healthy lunch with Nada. Healthy glow, healthy life - y'dig!? & I think I kinda love it! I mean, I love glowy skin but I usually stick to the matte texture but I must say, I think I might be changing to the glowy side! What do you think?

Productive Day!

Morning of shake experimenting!
Me & Nada decided to try different ways of making the shakes. Today, we decided to go for the chocolate flavour with the frozen berries - delish! We're gonna head out for more ingredients shortly to be able to post new ways of making them every other day. Off to the gym shortly now anyway so will speak soon, have a nice day! ^_^

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wacky Warehouse

Reliving childhood - yeahhhhhh! Omg I had so much fun! I literally took my shoes off & did a run up to the entrance to the ball pool & dived through head first - true story. I literally wanted to stay there all day & play! I took my niece & nephew by the way if you're wondering why I was just hangin' in Wacky Warehouse.. Although taking them was my excuse to play in there myself! ;D
Hope you all had as fun of a day as I did! :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

JuicePlus - Berries&Cream Smoothie!

Mm mmm!
Me & Nada decided to try out a different way to make the JuicePlus+ shakes taste even yummier than they already are! Here's how we did it..

1 scoop of Vanilla JuicePlus+ complete shake
250ml/300ml of skimmed milk
1 cup/handful frozen mixed berries
Handful of ice (ours were heart shapes ones! :D)

Honestly guys, this tasted delicious! I shall be uploaded different ways to make your shakes taste yummy over the next couple of weeks.
Will be hard to make them tastier than this though as this was just... Perf!

Have a nice day :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


So. Freakin. Tired.
Honestly, this few hour sleeping business is really getting beyond a joke now, I literally don't sleep more than 5 hours. Last night, I fell asleep around 9:30pm; EXHAUSTED hoping I wouldn't wake until the morning.. Oh no, 3 hours later, I'm up again until 4/5am, then up again at 8am, work at 10am & finish by 3pm. Now I'm shattered again & it's only 6pm. No point sleeping now because I'll be awake & wide eyed by 9pm & then up until daft hours attempting sleep. Really dunno what to do, it's driving me crazy, sigh. :(

Friday, 4 January 2013

Quick Pic!

Excuse the bad quality front camera iPhone picture!

I decided to whack on a little eyeliner today, not my usual look but I kinda like it! I felt different. Ok, that sounds weird but because I don't change my makeup look a lot I always feel like a "new person" when I do something differently. Perhaps this could be my new look for the new year? Hmm..

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wednesday :)

Yay, it's Wednesday again! As you all may know by now, Wednesday is my favourite day of the week! Friend day.
Today, we took a visit to the art gallery. Of course we took pictures numerous times after being told not to by the security people - oops! After the gallery, we went & got some coffee & cake, where we were also told not to take pictures. This time it was off  member of public sat behind us, but of course we were like "oh hellll no!" & took them anyway ^_^
Next Wednesday shall be another date, where to this time?

Still Awake

Grr, still awake & it is now 2:15am, I got in bed about 4 hours ago! I'm trying to blame it on the festive period for keeping me up at these late hours but then I remembered that this has pretty much been my body clock for months! Can't flippin' seem to get out of it *sigh*..
Any ideas on how to get to sleep? & no, I don't want to count sheep in my head...... Or does that actually work? o_O

Probably see you at 5am, writing another post on how I'm still awake.. But until then, bye for now!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

JuicePlus+ Website

My JuicePlus+ Website

Hey everyone!
 As it's now New Year, a lot of us are regretting eating way too much over the Christmas holidays & are wanting to get rid of those unwanted lbs! As you may know as I've done a previous post on JuicePlus+, I am now a rep for them & want to help people feel happier with their bodies & most importantly be healthy!
I get a lot of questions about the program & I try my best to get back to you ASAP, but as I work in a gym also, I can't always reply 24/7. So I've decided to post my JuicePlus+ website for you all so you can read up about what JuicePlus+ is, how much it is, what it does ect.. My email address is on there also so for those of you who would still like to contact me personally about it, please feel free to do so. I do try to respond to everyone as soon as I can.
Hope to help some of you feel great about yourselfs! Like I said, if you need to contact me, please do!

Let's have a super fab New Year with our new healthy, fabulous bodies! :D

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all! Just wanted to blow you all a kiss! Have a good day :D