Monday, 30 April 2012

Real Life Teddy Bear

So Samson (my dog) was just chillin' on the end of my mum's bed until I disturbed him & decided to give him a cuddle :)

Awww, I love my Samson, he's so soft & super comfy ^_^

So yeah, anyway.. Goodnight :)

Brown/Black Smokey Eye

I'm bored so here's a make-up look for you..

Only eyeliners were used for this look. 

I covered my lid with a shimmery brown/gold liner & then put black liner in the outer corners & blended them all together. Used bronzer to contour my cheeks & a nude lipstick on my lips.
Nice & simple.. :)

Monday Dinner

Yes, I know.. This kind of dinner is traditionally suppose to be made on a Sunday but ahh well! :)

I couldn't properly enjoy it because it was too painful to eat which is a shame because this is one of my fave meals!
If you saw my post on me being poorly you'll know why I can't eat properly :(

I also had a good attempt at tucking into a bit of Matthew's cookies & cream ice-cream after I finished my dinner..
Shh, don't tell him.. ;)

I hope this pain goes away soon, I love food & right now, I'm just not able to enjoy it - blahhh!
I suppose it stops me from snacking on rubbish though!

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Near enough very time Matthew stays at mine, we have to watch an episode Star Trek..
Bearing in mind I've already been made to watch the whole 7 series once before o_O

& as you can tell, Matthew is right into it..

Haha aww bless him! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? ^_^

Anyway, bed time now, I'm tired..

Goodnight :)

Like Owner, Like Cat..

Random title.. But ah well, didn't know what to call it haha.
I just wanted to show you how funny these pictures are of Matthew & his cat. 
They were both just sat at looking out of the window & then both turned around at the same time, picture perfect!

Hahaha! How funny is that? :)

Poorly Paige

I'm not poorly as in, sick poorly, but I'm not in the fittest state :(

Firstly, for the past couple of days, my big teeth at the back are coming through. The one on the top left is literally cutting into the back of my cheek & it's almost impossible for me to open my mouth without pain.
 I can speak, but you can tell that I'm in pain because I can't speak properly.
In other words, I sound like a douchebag..
 I'm having such a nightmare because I can't open my mouth enough to eat without it hurting, so I've not been eating properly.

Secondly, my feet are KILLING!
As you may know if you read my previous post, I now have a job as a waitress & yesterday was my first shift.
 7 hours, non-stop rushing around. No break, no food, no nothing. Death was calling my name!
Death wasn't calling my name - slight exaggeration..
But anyway, back to what I was saying.. My poor little feet are KILLING. 
So I'm now laying in Matthew's bed (whilst he's at work in this dreadful rain) resting my feet :)

This is what I look like..
No laughing at me guys, I'm dying okay

So yeah, that's me, in pain, chilling in Matthew's bed/messy room.
I refuse to tidy it AGAIN.

Anyway, have a lovely chilled Sunday like me :)
Minus the pain :(

Saturday, 28 April 2012


I got the job! I am now a waitress ^_^

My first day is today. 
Start at 4pm, finish at 11pm & then straight out to a 21st with Boo & Matthew :)
I'll be working with Boo also, how frickin' exciting!? :D 

The only thing I'm not excited about is the fact I have to have my hair up - blahh :(

 I'm thinking of going to work with my face like that as well.. 
& then put my make-up on when I finish so it is as fresh as a daisy for the 21st :)

I might add a touch more of bronzer so I'm not as white as a ghost & just curl my lashes.
Forget mascara, it looks a mess after about an hour, I'll do that when I finish :)

Hope you all have a lovely day/evening - have fun! :D

Friday, 27 April 2012

Plan of Action Complete

Finally, time to relax! 

I made Matthew's tea which he said was nice..
Nice? Y'know what guys are like, not very thoughtful with their compliments haha!

This is what it was..

Chicken stuffed with cheese with added flavours on top with seasoned roast potatoes & diced cucumber
Quite the chef if I do say so myself ;)

& now we're just going to relax in bed, have a chat about the world & eat our yummy ice creams :)

Hope you all had a lovely evening! :)

Half Way Through My Plan of Action

I didn't tidy my room, so that was a fail! But I did have a bath & attempt to glam my self up.
This is the result..
My hair is still semi-wet but let's just ignore that bit

Bronzed cheeks - White liner on bottom waterline - Brown liner underneath that - Vaseline on lips

Now it's time to prepare the meal I'm making for Matthew!
See you people later with the results ;)
I hope he likes it. It's been him who's the chef recently so I may have lost my touch! :O haha..

Plan of Action

I've been lazy today
For a change..
So I've made myself a plan of action. This is it -
1. Tidy my room 2. Have a bath 3. Glam myself up 4. Make a delicious meal for Matthew ^_^

Anyway.. Lemme go & sort myself out, I don't think the look I have at this very second is what you'd call attractive.. o_O

So yeah, say good bye to fish face! :)

Yay - Delivery Came!

Woohoo! My H&M order has arrived!
Well, a bit of it anyway..

Here's the link to the post I did showing you what I got so I didn't have to take pictures of it all..

The only thing that didn't arrive with this package was the coral/peach dress, so hopefully that will be here soon!
The bikini I bought needs to go back though :(
Well, the top bit does..
The stupid thing won't go over my boobs! So ladies, when you're getting down about having small boobs, be grateful! So many clothes look better with smaller boobs :(

Other than that, I am happy with everything I bought & can't wait to go on holiday & wear everything, wahoo! :D

Also, here's a little code I used to get £5 off - 1304

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Exciting Surprise!

Okay everyone, Matthew has planned something for our 5 year anniversary in June & I am super excited!
Even more so after what he just said to me on Facebook..
This is a bit of what he said.. "Babe, seriously, you have no idea what I have planned. You're gonna cry. I really wanna tell you"

WAAA, I really wanna know but I want it to be a big surprise! 
Matthew never usually plans anything because he's "hopeless" at that stuff apparently. But this time, he's decided to be a man & take on the roll of being the planner! & by the looks of things, he seems to be on the ball! ;D
I'm SO excited to see what he has up his sleeve! :)

^ This is what we looked like 5 years ago :')

Red Lip

The weather is miserable, so I thought I'd brighten things up with a red lip :)

I also thought I'd make my make-up more "Arab" inspired by attaching one of my dangly belly bars to my head.
I know, I'm weird, but I didn't have a proper one so I made my own..
  Looks pretty good though right!? :D


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Couch Potatoes

Me & my mum have been watching TV for about 3 hours straight.
Which is weird for us because we rarely watch TV..

We also hate 6 cupcakes between us o_O
Not all at once, but, within the  3 hours that we've been couch potatoes for - woops!

Look how delicious they look though? Nice & lemony - yum yum!

Both of us are going to try & be good tomorrow to make up for us eating all the cup cakes that were meant to be a "treat" for us. 
Not for us to eat them all in the space of a couple of hours! haha

PS. Sorry that that last 8465348 of my posts have been of a cup of tea or some sort of snack or meal, my life is boring at the minute so that's all I have to show you :( haha!

Homemade Soup

Ahh, I love my mum, she had her homemade soup made for me for when I got back from town..
Look at the little triangle pieces of bread she put on the side for me - bless her! :)

It was delicious, as usual..
My mum makes the best food! :)

FINALLY! - Tan Wedges

I nipped into town today & popped into this shop I wanted to go in & I fell in love!
 I have finally found the perfect tan wedges..
Well, they aren't exactly a full on "wedge" heel but it's near enough. 

Waaa, amazing right?

They're a size 2 - LOL!
Yes I know, I have baby feet :) They're super comfortable - love them!

Can't wait to wear these when we finally get a bit of sun with a cute white dress or something :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Matthew is watching football *yawn* so I thought I'd make myself a nice little cup of tea & a couple biscuits to go with it :)

What a lovely combination!? :)

Anyway, I feel like downloading a film for tonight but I have no idea what to watch..
This always happens when I'm in the mood for a film, never know what I fancy, typical!

Any ideas? :)

I Want This Hair Back..

Exactly what the title says.. I want this hair back

I just really love that colour, why did I ever get rid? >.<

What do you think girls/guys? Should I get this hair back for the summer!?


How yummy do these cakes look!?

Matthew's aunty (Boo's mum) made them for Sarah's (his sisters) birthday yesterday, amazing!
Just thought I'd show you them because they just look so delicious!

Whilst we're on the subject of yummy sweet stuff.. Matthew finally got me a Cream Egg McFlurry on his way back from the gym - yay!
If you follow me on Twitter, you would of seen that I've been wanting to try one of these for ages!

So yeah, that's it for now really, just thought I'd share some yummy sweet stuff with you..

Have a nice day! :)

Monday, 23 April 2012


I'm tired now.
 It must be from all the muscles my face were using..
Y'know, to keep that permanent frown that I had on my face walking around The Trafford Centre

So yeah, I'm about to 'kick back, cuddle up' (after I've finished pulling off my mascara) in bed with Matthew so good night all!

Moody Monday

Blah, was so angry at life before. Still angry now. There's no reason to be angry now but I am.

Basically, what happened was.. Me & Matthew planned on going to The Trafford Centre because we hadn't been in awhile. I got dressed, skinny jeans, fitted shirt/jacket thing & then BAM, only one FRIGGIN' SHOE!
How the hell did I only bring one of my shoes to Matthews? What an idiot.
Yesterday, I had to borrow his sisters boots because I left mine at home. & today I realized I'd only brought one shoe to go with the outfit I had for today.

The reason I was in SUCH a mood was because the only other shoes I had with me were my UGGs
 Well, they're my slippers now because of the mess they're in..

So anyway.. I tried to make Matthew leave me at his whilst he went by himself but that didn't go too well. 
Instead, he made me wear my slippers which look like this..

I know, I know, they're disgusting. I can't remember the last time I went out in public in them except from walking to the car in my PJ's the other day to come to Matthew's in them.

So now, you can understand why I was in a mood. I came to a beautiful place, which looks like this by the way (just in case you have never been, or seen The Trafford Centre)

& I walked around this beautiful place, with a face pulled something a little bit like this..

So now you know why I've been in the worst mood ever for the past couple of hours or so.
I walked around the nicest place in Manchester, looking like an orphan - nice.. NOT!

On the plus side! Matthew said he will buy me some new converse when he gets paid, yayyy! :)
Apart from that, I'm still in a mood..



Random post, but I'm bored at the moment & have nothing better to do than blog about the chocolate chip muffin I just ate.
 So here you go, this is what it looked like half-eaten by me..

This is the 2nd thing I've ate all day. 
I had a bowl of fruit & something (forgot the name) cereal this morning & then this muffin just a moment ago.

Matthew's cooking again for me this evening. He nipped into Asda after he went to the gym earlier to get some ingredients. & as you can probably guess, he's making me pasta bolognaise again! ^_^
Yes, he can cook other things, but this is my fave' meal so it's what he likes to cook for me, bless him!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tan Wedges

If you saw my post the other month you would of seen that I've been after a pair of tan wedges..
In fact, I've been after the perfect pair for possibly over a year now! & still not found them
I think I just have, they're like £65 though & you all know I'm a cheap skate so I dunno what to do..

These are them ..

Aren't these just the most beautifullest (made up word but it's cool) pair of tan wedges you've ever seen!?
 If you don't agree, you're a liar :(

I need them. It's not even a case of want, it's NEED
Tan goes with everythinggggg & wedges are absolute comfort.

Help? :'(

Plans Went To Plan..

So like I said on my previous post, we were waiting to hear if our plans were going to go to plan..
& they did..

First plan was to go to Matthew's friend's house to see his new kitten & oh my, it was the cutest little thing I've ever ever saw! Adorable!

After wanting to steal this cute little kitten, who's name is Toby by the way :) we went straight to The Beef Eater for a meal for Matthew's sister's birthday. She's 19 tomorrow :)

I just got burger & chips, which was delicious!

After that, me & Matthew got a sharing desert for "2".. But when you see the size if it, it could happily feed about 50 people!
Okay, maybe not 50, but more than 2!

Look at that wopper
I dunno if this picture makes it look as big as it did in real life but it was huge! Me & Matthew together only ate half of it & both of us are usually desert demolishers!

We are now stuffed & are just relaxing at his house.. Like I said earlier..
It is a Sunday after all ;)

Chilled Afternoon

Me & Matthew have had a bit of a lazy day today. He's been watching football & playing his computer games & I've just been on my laptop listening to music & hanging out on Twitter & what not..
How you "hang out" on social network sites I dunno, but I didn't know how else to describe what I was doing haha!
We might have some plans later but we're just waiting to hear back from people & what not :)
So hopefully the plans go to plan! 
Obviously.. who wants to make plans that don't go to plan? haha

For now, we'll just carry on being lazy bums & chilling out.
After all, it is a Sunday :)

Holiday Shop

Holiday shopping is my FAVE type of shopping.
I've just ordered a couple of things from H&M, hopefully they will be here within the next couple of days - wahoo!


Shorts - £7.99, Bikini Top - £9.99, Bikini Bottoms - £7.99, Coral Dress - £12.99 
Beige Dress - £1.99, Black Dress - £1.99

As you can probably tell, I'm loving orange/coral colours this year!
Can't wait to try all this stuff on & see what it looks like :)

I also got these trousers...

These aren't for my holiday, but I bought them with this bunch of holiday stuff so I thought I may as well show you :)
These trousers were £7.99

Lovin' H&M at the moment! Loads of super nice holiday stuff, especially bikinis! There are so many that I want but I'm going to try & pretend I haven't seen them..

What's your fave' holiday item to buy? :)

Cheeky Cocktails

Last night me & Matthew headed out to The Slug & Lettuce for some cheeky cocktails.
I'm calling them cheeky but they wasn't even alcoholic haha - we just wanted a chilled night :)

Don't they look delicious!?
I can't remember what any of the exact flavors for them were. 
But I just remember mine being nice & sweet & Matthew's nasty & sour haha!

On the way back to the car (yes, Matthew drove, they weren't alcoholic remember?) he took a picture of me & he said "try not to look so cold!" & as you can tell from the picture below, I failed at that.
 I look absolutely freezing. It was raining & windy & brrrr, just so cold!
 I just couldn't wait to get in bed & snuggle up!

Hope you all had a good night last night :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Loooong Day!

Blah, the weather sucked ass today! BUT.. I still happened to have a good day.
Let me just explain why now..

Okay, first of all. Me & my doll Nada decided we would go grab us an ice-cream from somewhere.
The weather was AWFUL though.. Heavy rain, hailstone, thunder - you name it! We had it!
So I decided to zip up my jacket as far as it would go so that no rain could get in..
I also had a brolly as well of course..

Anyway, our plan for ice-cream failed & we ended up in Costa.
I grabbed myself a peach fruit cooler & Nada got a mango fruit cooler - delicious!

After Costa.. Me & Nada were just shopping, having a catch up, like you do & then Boo rings me..
You all know Boo right? 
She's been in my posts a couple of times.. & for those who don't know, she is also Matthew's cousin, so she's pretty much family to me - yayy! :D

So yeah.. Boo rings me & says "What you doing Padge?" (yep, she calls me Padge) so I say.. "well, urmm, I'm just in town with Nada, what's up?".. "Ohhh are ya!? Well.. I just wondered if you fancied coming into my work & doing a trial shift?" At this moment, I had a mini heart attack/burst of excitement..
 So with that I was like "SURE THANGGGG"..
So yeah, I buys me a black top as that is what I had to wear..
Because as you can see in the picture above, my top isn't black.

I then got to her work still having a mini heart attack/excitement fit & then she puts my apron thingy on.
I was about to experience being a waitress! I've always wondered if it's fun to be a waitress..

& as a matter of fact I enjoyed it!
Except from the fact my feet were BURNING because I had little shoe boots on.. 
Obviously not expecting to be called in for a work trial, otherwise I would of worn something a little more appropriate..


After my little shift (I think I was working about 4 hours or something, I dunno) I had a chat with one of the managers who in fact was absolutely LOVELY!!! & she said to me "if you are happy to work here, I am happy to employ you". So I was like "WAHOO! Hell yeahhh!"
Okay, I didn't say hell yeah like I was some ghetto child but I did get a bit excited!
However, I have gotta go in on Tuesday to meet the main manager to confirm things & what not, so I don't wanna be all like "YAYY I HAVE A JOB!".. Just in case I haven't.

After my shift, they treated me to a cocktail.. & then another one & then to top it off, they give me another one!

That's just me & Boo, chillin' with our cocktails at the bar because we can ;)

So yeah, all in all, I had a good, long ass day :)

Hope you all had a good day also!