Monday, 1 October 2012

Hey October!

October is my favourite month (mainly because it's my birthday - yay!) 
God knows why I'm excited for it this year though, I'm going to be 20! No longer a teenager... :( 

Plenty of shopping trips are to take place this month with it also being my favourite fashion season trends.
Me & my girls are staying in London a night in 2 weeks, so no doubt we will be having a full blown shopping day before we go  
& also whilst we are there no doubt..
Then the week after I'm hitting Liverpool for a night out with people from work for my birthday & also having family, neighbours & friends round the next day on my actual birthday for a little party :)

Exactly a week after my birthday I'm going to see Immortal Technique in concert with Matthew - super excited for that!

3 day after Immortal Technique is Halloween.. Me & my friends always do something for Halloween. This year we're going to somewhere called "Farmageddon" which in fact, I'm not really looking forward too. Sounds scary as hell but it's all for 'fun' I guess.... o_O haha!

I hope you all enjoy October as much as I am going to!

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