Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sun's Still Shining

Me & Matthew went to Sale Water Park for a sit down in the sun & a nice chat about the future.
We always seem to have future talks at Sale Water Park.. It's like our thinking place :)
We discussed maybe moving away for the summer next year before we get tied down with super bills like a mortgage & stuff when we move out. May as well enjoy being young & free whilst we can! :)

Whilst we was sat down, Matthew saw a ladybird in the water & decided to rescue it - bless him!

After rescuing the ladybird, we just sat & looked at the pretty view of the sun shining onto the water & the beautiful swan with it's babies swimming past :)

After our walk we just went back to Matthew's & sat in the garden with his Mum, Dad & Todd..

Todd's got it easy, rollin' around in the sun getting tickled - lucky bugger! :)

Now that it's cooled down a little, we've come inside & Matthew is cooking for me again :)
We was going to go out for food but we decided to leave that until later on in the week..
 Also, when we go out for food, I may let Matthew tell me what he has planned for our 5 year anniversary next month. He's been pestering me to let him tell me what it is, so I might just let him.
Super excited! I wonder what he has up his sleeve ;)

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