Monday, 16 July 2012


Ahhh I could cry right now! :'(

Basically, I'm super happy I have a new job after recently losing my last one but there's just one problem..
The pay is monthly.
I've always been on weekly so I'm HATING the thought of monthly & apparently, it's a month in hand; which means.. 
I'm not going to get paid until I'm already on holiday next month.
I go away on the 27th or 28th (can't remember which one) & the pay is the last working day of each month.
I know I could withdraw money whilst I'm away but it's not that, that's the issue.
It's the fact I've hardly got any of my holiday clothes (except bikinis). My hair needs doing, my nails will need doing & all the other stuff us girls faff about doing before we go away needs doing & I'm going to have no money to do it all with.


Right now, I just want to curl in a ball & cry. Nothing is more stressful than having no money in times when you need it.
So now, I'm going to hop in the bath & pretend I have no problems.
Toodles. X


  1. Don't be sad. Its unfortunate that you lost your job prior to you going on holiday :( but most jobs pay monthly. Every job I have worked in have! Your only option is an overdraft? With some accounts there is no interest added so hopefully that can help you out! Hope you're okay x

    1. Super unfortunate, I never have good luck, things always get worse & worse for me! Drives me insane.
      Yeah, Matthew was saying most jobs are monthly but every job I have had is weekly & it's so much easier to manage your money that way, I love it!
      & yeah, I'll have to see if I can get one because I'm going to have like, no money until September when I'm back from my holiday, grr! :( x