Saturday, 2 March 2013

JuicePlus+ Conference

WOW guys! What an amazing event! If you wasn't there you truly did miss out. Walked out of there feeling totally inspired & motivated to carry on helping so many people to be healthy, wealthy & happy! ^_^ 
Also learnt some amazing new facts thanks to the amazing Dr Nyjon Eccles! Did you know that.. Having a high cholesterol isn't actually bad for you? In fact, the lower your cholesterol the more chance of having a heart attack or getting cancer! I know right.. All these adverts we see about lowering our cholesterol as well, disgraceful! Anyway.... He taught me some amazing health facts leaving me feeling totally intellectual, not that I'm not already intellectual 8-) .. Also loved hearing Dave O'Brien's speech. Such an amazing guy! Please research him, his story is so inspirational. He ran marathons in 4 deserts in 38 weeks at 59 years of age AND the amazing thing is.. He truly believes it's all down to being on the JuicePlus+ Premium Capsules. He said there's no better thing for your body than to get all your fruit, beg & berries down you which is what is all held in the capsules.. 17 portions of all them things to be precise! ^_^
The next that will be held I'll be sure to let you all know & it'd also be great to meet some of you too.. Have a nice day :)

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