Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Messy Mud!

I had another fabulous shoot with Rosie Hardy today. 
Boo was also my make-up artist again & oh my what a wonderful job she did!
I'm actually going to hers tomorrow for her to do it again, so I will whack it on here for you to see :)

Anyway, back to the shoot..
Today we did something so exciting!! But I'll tell you about that when I get the updates about it. & the image of course.

After we got the shot we did for the thing I'll update you on.. We decided to have a bit of fun.
Rosie made me get in a puddle of watery mud with only my t-shirt on haha!
What a site that would of been for the dog walkers that were walking past! o_O

But yeah, that is me drenched in mud & that is the outcome below! I was supposed to look like I've been swallowed up by the mud, does it look like I have been? :D
I was actually being swallowed up by it as well, it was so thick & sinky, was weird! ha..

Shall update you when I have the next update, but for now, that's it from me! :)

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