Sunday, 12 August 2012


I actually feel like I haven't listened to music in so long. Crazy considering I usually can't go a day without it. 
I'm making up for it now though, I've had my earphones in since around 7 o'clock this evening & it's now 11 o'clock.
I'll tell you what's been on my playlist for the evening!
  • Omarion Feat. Wale - M.I.A
  • Serani - She Loves Me
  • Janet Jackson - Would You Mind
  • Lloyd - Feel So Right
  • Tyrese - Put Up With Me
There's been plenty more also but these are the ones I have seemed to play over & over..
I actually feel so relaxed now as well.  
God knows what time I will be up until with my earphones in this evening! It's gonna be a loooong night :)


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