Sunday, 6 May 2012

Work, Work, Work..

I feel like I've disowned my blog recently. I know I still have been posting at least once everyday but I always try & do more than one post to keep you guys happy & also because.. I love doing my blog of course!
But with work, I have had nothing to talk about really & no time to do anything as my shifts have been starting at 5pm & finishing at around 11pm. Not good.

Today was awful. I was in this morning & my feet had still not recovered from last nights shift. Nothing worse than sore feet when you have to be on them non-stop :(
I'm also not enjoying the environment which is sad, because I love the role as a waitress, it can be a lot of fun & it's good exercise! But some people I work with are pushing me to put them in there place. I don't like being spoken to like I'm stupid & I hate being patronized. I don't care who you are, or what "level" you are at in the workplace. You don't speak to me like crap.
Just so you all know for future reference ;)

So yeah, moving on.. This is a small part of the restaurant I work in, it's a nice little place ^_^

Hope you're all happy in your workplace :)


  1. Hi Paige!

    I found you on youtube and you seem so sweet and i started reading your blog yesterday so i have been looking at your blog posts and i like it:) I am a reader from Sweden, Stockholm!

    Hope that things at your workplace works out soon!

    1. Hello!

      Aww! :D Thank you for watching my YouTube & reading my blog, means a lot to me! Glad you like it :)
      It's nice to have viewers/readers from places other than where I am from so again, thank you :)

      & ahh me too! Maybe I just need to settle in & get used to how everyone is.. We'll soon see though :)