Sunday, 11 March 2012


Whilst Matthew is at work, I decided to tackle his bedroom. Now when I say bedroom, I mean, scrap tip/jumble sale.
I don't even know how he lets it get in such a state, I have tidied his room for him several times & still, it gets in this mess -___-
Anyway, on with my cleaning day...
It didn't really take me that long to say it looked as if a bomb went off.. I just whacked a bit of music on & got in "housewife mode" :D

I know you're dying to see to see my cleaning skills, so here you go;
You can obviously tell which is before&after..

What a fab job I have done wouldn't you say!? :D

There's still work to be done, but I've done the majority of it, so Matthew can do the rest.
All that needs doing now is just putting things where he wants them. 
I've folded all of his clothes & chucked away all his food wrappers & all the other crap guys have in their room. 
So my work here is done!

Time for a little nap.. :D