Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cutie Pie

Matthew was taking his time eating his yoghurt. I kept noticing him putting the little chocolate bits in one by one & I thought in my head "why doesn't he just tip them in?" anyway.. After a couple minutes, I said to him "what are you doing?" & he replied "it's for you". I looked in & he'd only been making me a love heart, bless him! ^_^
Haha, look at his cheesy grin, n'aww! ^_^

I thought it was so cute..
It's the little things that make us smile fellas! :)


  1. omg how sweet! it's funny how perfectly shaped the heart is, he definately took his time:) you two are so adorable!! have a wonderful day<3

    1. ahh I know I loved it! I love little things like that more than anything, so cute! ^_^
      & aww thank you doll! you have a wonderful day also<3