Sunday, 1 July 2012


So, last night was Matthew's birthday night out (& his actual birthday) & today, I am a mess.
Like I've said a million times already on here. I'm not a big drinker & I am a lightweight..
BUT last night.. Oh my.. I went WAY over board & I don't even remember half of the night (which is not like me at all)
Anyway.. On to the post, we broke down (as in, car broke down) on the way back to Matthew's this afternoon.
Which wasn't something I enjoyed that much considering I feel like I'm about to die. Not like it's enjoyable anyway but y'know..
So yeah, we was outside, next to the motorway being blown away. 
Which wasn't helping the fact I felt like I was going to throw up everywhere!
Which again, isn't something I usually do after a night out! I'm never the one who's sick!
In the end, I couldn't take being blown away so I climbed up this slanted wall thing & sat down - REBEL!
Please don't laugh at my outfit. I looked a complete state. 
My Uggs are my slippers now & if I knew we was going to break down, I would not of even put them near me!
I did have decent clothes in my "night-bag" which was in the car, but I wasn't about to get changed to sit on a wall..

After being here for a good half an hour, watching the cars wizz by.. The traffic control people came - great!
I thought they was going to tell us off for being up this wall but in the end it was just to see if we was okay because we'd been there awhile waiting for the slow ass AA!

Finally, the man came & towed us back to Matthew's house...
& now I'm curled up in bed, dying, whilst the man looks at what the problem is.. Speak to you all soon!

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