Saturday, 7 July 2012

Evening Workout

So at random, around 10pm this evening.. Me & Matthew decided to hop on the Wii & do some workouts. 
I was rubbish so Matthew was like my little personal trainer, pushing me to carry on & helping me where I struggled.
He goes gym 5 times a week religiously so he knows his stuff now & is in good shape!

After helping me, he decides to have a go for fun.. 
By now, you should know Matthew's humor & that he just makes a joke out of everything.
 This picture is proof..
LOL! This is his "olympic proud moment" pose for finishing a short jog on the spot on the Wii hahaha!

We've finished our "olympic training" for this evening so we are about to watch a film & go to sleep - goodnight! :)

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