Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day!

Oh how I love pancake day! mm mm! 

I spent pancake day at Matthew's with Matthew of course! :) 
We had 2 pancake days actually, only because of the fact we thought that Monday 
was Tuesday, when really, we was a day behind! haha
Ahh well, we got 2 pancake days out of it so I won't complain! :D

It was a disaster at first as usual, every pancake day we have had we've failed at it.. 
But this year we was on a roll, well.. Matthew was, I'll show you how much
of a roll he was on in this video I recorded of him! Ha! :)

The way he does that little scream thing at the end makes me laugh so much!
hahaha he's such a spoon! :)

But yeah, the pancakes turned out well this time & they were delicious!

I had mine with just the typical lemon&sugar & Matthew had the same
but he added a bit of Nutella on his as well :)

For some reason, I didn't take a picture of them :(
Ah well, you all know what a pancake looks like! :D

Hope you all enjoyed your yummy pancakes!


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