Monday, 16 April 2012


Okay, I made a ModelMayhem account.
I was in 2 minds about this because I don't class myself as a model. Yes, I have done a few bits & bobs here & there but it's not a regular thing so I feel a bit funny about the fact that I've made one..

However, I've made it because I'm hoping it can help me to get more work. Since I recently did that shoot I posted about with Kat Hussain, I have only just really realized how much I enjoy it.

I've always wanted to do it because I've always been told I have the "face" for it. What that means god knows. Maybe because I have high cheek bones & big eyes/eyelashes.. I dunno..
 I just have a regular face if you ask me, nothing out of the ordinary..


As I was saying, I've always wanted to do it but I've never felt confident in myself. Just because of the fact that most models are size 0 ect ect.. & me, well, I'm not. I'm a size 10/12, more on the curvy side.

My MM number thingy ma bob is #2618767

Like I said, I'm not a model, so don't think I am gonna go round claiming to be just because I have done a couple things. No. If I get regular work/offers, that's when I'll say I am. Until then, I'm just little ole me :)