Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mascara Magic

Okay I'm lying, I don't know magic, but this mascara is close to it!
It's my favorite mascara ever & to say it's only a "drugstore product"
 It's amazing.

This is honestly one of my faves' mascara ever! Well, my fave on for 
creating amazing length & thickness.

Here's a picture of it's magic in action, although this was only one coat, so you
can only imagine what it'd be like with 2 coats!

I know they look a little messy, but I didn't comb them through or anything,
just whacked it on, you can obviously achieve a more natural yet
voluminous/lengthened look with this mascara as well :)
(Oh & excuse the messy eyebrows, they will be fixed soon!)

& yes, they are my real eyelashes :)


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