Wednesday, 29 February 2012

DYI: How To Get Soft Lips

Okay, so, my lips tend to get dry/rough pretty easily & it really gets on my nerves!
SO, I've put a stop to it! 
(Or at least I have until I need to do this remedy again)

Basically, there is a couple of ways you can remove dry skin from your lips.

1. Bite it off 
BAD habit I do, don't do it, it's disgusting & can make your lips bleed :(

2. Home made lip scrub
 There's a couple of ways you can do this.

3. Wipe it off! 
(I'll explain what I mean later)

What you'll need for / How to do number 1 

- Your teeth
Obviously you'd bite your lips, but you won't be doing that!

What you'll need for / How to do number 2
                                                                    - Sugar
                           - A little container to mix/store it in
                                - Honey or in my case, ice cream sauce
(You're probably thinking ice cream sauce? But trust me, I randomly
used it because I had no honey & that was the only thing with the same sort of consistency
  in my house, plus, strawberry ice cream sauce taste good!) :D

1. Put a table/tea spoon (how ever much you want to make) into your container
2. Add your honey or ice cream sauce into it & mix until you get a 'paste' like consistency
3. Rub the 'paste' onto your lips to remove the dead skin.
4. Wash off with warm water

What you'll need for / How to do number 3

- Vaseline
                                                                           - Towel 

1. Get a generous amount of your Vaseline & apply to your lips.
2. Simply scrub it off with your towel

& there you have it! 
Nice soft, smooth lips!

OH & another thing, by scrubbing your lips with a towel, it can increase the blood
flow to your lips, giving them the effect of more 'fuller, plumped' lips - try it! ;D


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