Thursday, 1 March 2012

Late Night Cinema

Why we (me&matthew) decided to go to the cinema so late, God knows?
Actually, we do know, we're silly..

Only jokin', we're not silly (well, maybe a bit) but it's just something we always used to do
& then we just stopped going late for some reason.
I kinda like it, it's a lot quieter.

Plus, last time we went late (the time before this one) 
we got put in the "Gold V.I.P section" (I think that's what it's called) & it was lovely!
Big leather seats that reclined with a little button that you could call over one of
the staff to bring you drinks - I didn't use it though. 

Anyway, we watched 'Safe House' & it started at 11:20pm..

The cinema was SO dead, there was like one other couple in the que or something..

Look at the concentration on Matthew's face, whilst watching the... Adverts o_O haha!

The film was really good, I enjoyed it. I love a bit of action in a film!
(Especially with Denzel Washington, not bad for a more mature man ;) haha!)

& last but not least.. On the way home, the cinema was definitely empty now, it was like
1am by the time the film had finished..

Overall, I enjoyed myself, so yeah..

Goodnight :)


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