Friday, 22 June 2012

Nurse Paige

As some of you may know, my mum was rushed to hospital last week & after around 6 days of her being in there, she is finally home! :D

I had to be nurse Paige & change her dressing on her tummy. She has 24 staples going down her tummy & 8 staples around her side.
This was because they thought it was her appendix. 
They first opened her up around the side to then find out her appendix were fine & in fact, she had a growth that could of potentially killed her if it had gotten any bigger & burst.
I thanked GOD that she was fine & is finally back home with me :)

Her tummy is so swollen! It has gone down on this picture but when she had the operation she looked pregnant it was crazy!
I would show you a picture of her staples but they don't look very nice so I won't. Just for the safety if your own eyes! :)

I go to Rome soon as most of you know but as soon as I am back I will be back to nursing my Mum back to full health! :D