Friday, 1 June 2012

Cocktails With Boo

Finished work at a decent time tonight - 10pm. Last week I didn't finish until 11:45pm! 
So we decided, that there was no better way to end the night than with a yummy fruity cocktail! :D 
We decided to go for the "Cocktail of The Week" which was called the "Caribbean Hurricane"
Absolutely delicious!

Walking home from the tram after work I also saw a little hedgehog, well, he was quite a biggish hedgehog actually.. & as you all know, I LOVE animals & I didn't want to see it get hurt, so I debated picking it up & moving it somewhere safe.
Then I thought, how can I pick it up when it's super spikey :/ so I just left it & made sure it was moving towards someone's garden, which it was, thank god :)

Anyway, off to bed now because I'm pretty tired - goodnight! :) x

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