Sunday, 17 June 2012

Matthew's Friend's House Party

Last night we went to Matthew's friend's house as he had just got back from Dubai after 3 months.
I mentioned him in a post awhile back, don't know if any of you remember?
But yeah, he was having a little get together with him being away for awhile.

I was pretty tired all night so I didn't take a picture of myself so I can't show you what I was wearing.
Not like it's a big deal or anything but y'know.. haha!

I'll show you what Matthew was wearing though if you want? :) 
This was at the end of the night, he's searching up a taxi number :) 
Shirt - I've forgot (that's not a brand, I've literally forgot, lol), Trousers - West Coast (some store in Manchester), Shoes - Vans

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