Thursday, 7 June 2012

Meal + Super Surprise!

Went for a meal at Frankie&Benny's this evening & as usual it was delicious! :D
Thought I'd take a picture of Matthew whilst we was in there because I think he looks handsome ^_^

After F&B's we went to TGI's for cocktails.
I say cocktails but they were non-alcoholic ones, teehee!

As we were drinking our drinks Matthew told me a super big surprise that he has planned for our 5 year anniversary this month.
He's been wanting to tell me since the day he planned it but I wanted to leave it as sooner to the time as possible because I wanted it to be a surprise..
It's a good job he did tell me early because..........


I was that overwhelmed & shocked that I instantly started crying with happy tears & showered him in hugs, kisses & thank yous! :)

We're going on the 24th June (day after anniversary) for 3 days. Super duper excited because I've always wanted to visit & so has Matthew. Really cannot WAIT to go! Only a couple more weeks left - yayy!

Still in shock & my face is starting to ache from smiling so much! :D

Love you all the world Matthew. X


  1. aaww!! what a sweet surprise, i think you two are such an adorable couple! I really do wish you the best:) I bet rome will be amazing, you will have so much fun! <3:)

    1. I know I burst into tears I was so shocked! Thank you for your super kind words, I really appreciate them! ^_^
      I know yeah I've always wanted to go to Rome as well so I will have lots of fun!

      P.S. I think the hotel we're staying in has wifi so no doubt I'll be blogging from there ;) haha! <3