Friday, 23 March 2012


I'm babysitting tonight for my brother & my sister in-law :)

Aww beautiful couple huh? :)
Shame it's a bad quality picture, it's in a frame in his house so I just took a picture of it on my phone..

So yeah I'm spending the evening looking after my 4 year old nephew, he's so funny! Didn't realize how funny he was until tonight.

He asked me if I wanted a mint so I said "well.. go on then" so he got me one & he said "I'm not allowed one at this time" so I said "aw how come?"  he said "it makes me too giddy" so I said "ooh god that's not good is it?" so he said "well, I might just have a little nibble of one?" LOL 
The way he said it, I just burst out laughing, he was so serious, bless him the little cutie :)

I love being at my brother's house, he has the most beautiful house I've ever been in!

This is only a fraction of his kitchen, it's huge with a big island in & heated marble flooring..
(Sorry for boasting, I'm just so proud of him for creating a beautiful home!)

Try & tell me this chair isn't amazing!

Ahh I just love his house so much, from the outside it looks like a holiday home. He's had it all plastered & painted cream with a big light brown wooden door & a new roof to match. Absolutely beautiful his house is, I wanna live in it! :D

 I'll try to stop going on about it now haha! But if you'd been to it, you'd know what I mean :)

Anyway, my little nephew says na night! :)
He wanted to stay in his mum & dad's bed, bless him :)

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