Friday, 9 March 2012

Hair Change

After not knowing what colour to go, I decided to go back to my natural colour. Well, close to it anyway..
It's more like a "rich chocolate brown" apparently, I like it though :)

I'm going back on Monday to be a "model" (a long with a couple of other people) for the person who did my hair, he told me it'll be a long day so I'll probably take my laptop & update you on how it's going.
(I'll go into more information about it on the day, I don't know much about what I'll be doing yet, alls I know is that it's his big final presentation - he's been training there you see)

Anyway, on with my day at the salon (Trevor Sorbie)

The guy who did my hair was called Ben. Really nice guy & did a fab job! 
Really happy with the colour of it, here's what it looks like.

Here's the before colour..

& here is the after colour..

I am wearing clip in extensions on this picture because I don't like how short/thinner my hair is. Not because it doesn't look nice, it's just because I'm used to having long thick hair & for it to be gone feels horrible.
It's not even that short, it's just me being dramatic & anyway, it's my own fault for not looking after my hair, this way it'll grow back long & lucious again :)
I'll also do a review on these extensions because they are amazing! A bit pricey but I can't even tell they're in & they feel so soft & luxurious!
Hope you all like my new hair colour! :)

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