Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Summer Hair

Okay I know I've literally only just dyed my hair dark, but I can't wait to have blonde/caramel
colours put back in for my holiday.
My holiday isn't until August so I've got a couple of months to get it back healthy again.
I know, it sounds silly me going through chopping it off & going dark to get it healthy again to just ruin it with bleach. But the thing is, my hair is so strong, I've used bleach so many times & it's been fine, my main issue is not cutting it enough & not using products to keep it healthy, that's why I've had to have a big chop..

ANYWAY... I want it like this again for summer! :D

(Excuse the crappy picture, I had to screen shot it from a video because I can't find a picture with my hair this colour)

What do you think? 
This for summer, or stay dark? Hmm..

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