Thursday, 1 March 2012

What a Beautiful Day

Yay, there's a little ray of sunshine! :D
Sorry for the excitement, it's rare we see sun in Manchester!

I decided to do this blog from the garden (excuse my scary face, I'd not long woke up)

 I was just sitting on the step at the front door whilst Matthew washes his car
Boys & their toys ay!? 

 Oh & excuse his bum (boxers) hanging out, I'm always telling him to pull his pants up!

I decided to put some mascara on & take another picture
(I looked a bit scary on the first one o_O)

 My eye's look so blue in the light - yay! :D

Anyway, moving on..
We decided we would go for a walk today, I love walks on any day
so the fact that there is a little bit of sunshine makes it that little bit better!

Matthew's "Karl Pilkington" face hahaha!

Having a cuddle in the sun :)

We also went for a pub lunch after our walk - yummy!
But I forgot to take a picture of my meal..
(was that yummy I just dived straight into it! haha) 

I hope we get some more sun, can enjoy the finer things in life when it's sunny!
Nothing beats a nice peaceful walk


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