Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shopping Fail/Tan Review

Okay, so when Matthew woke up we headed out to the precinct. As usual, I didn't get anything I planned to, instead, I come back with a thin & crispy pizza from 'Iceland', the nicest friggin' pizza ever by the way! (the one in the green box) & some 'GOSH' self tan.
Well, Matthew treated me to the tan because he is the bestest boyfriend ever! :)

This is what it looks like, it's actually my favorite 'drugstore' tan. 

I got the exact same one as the picture, the tanning gel in dark.

I've tried all sorts of tans. Ones from £2.50 to ones up to £25 & I have to say this is the one I have bought several times, this must be like my 5th bottle or something. 
It's not that expensive either, it's around £7.50 & comes in a Light, Medium & Dark. I always choose the dark in tans if there is an one because light/medium self tanners don't do much for me.

I apply this to my face with an ELF Powder Brush, actually the best brush ever & it's only £3.50!

& to apply it to my body I use a 'Solait' tan mitt which is 'Superdrugs' own & that is also £3.50

Any one who is looking for a really affordable, quality self-tan, I recommend this GOSH one. It can only be found in Superdrug (so I have found) or on the GOSH website itself. 

I can't wait to go on holiday & get a nice real tan! I hate using self tan sometimes, takes a lot of effort, but until we all go on holiday..

Happy tanning! :D

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