Monday, 5 March 2012

Couch Potato

I've done nothing but sit around all day, literally.
So I figured I should go on a walk (with my "twin" Amber) a late night walk, to make up for my laziness.
Except there's just one thing.. My walk led me to Tesco, Tesco sweet isle to be precise..

After lovin' life on the sweet isle & throwing everything I fancy in my basket, a tragedy happened..
Somehow we ended up on the bread isle &.. wait for it...*drum rolls*
A thick & toasty loaf of bread FLEW off the isle & nearly whacked me in the face, yep, a flying loaf of bread, crazy huh?

I just wish I knew it was going to happen so I could show you video evidence, but this picture is all I have..

Anyway, after surviving an attack from a loaf of bread, it was time for the walk home

(This is what landed in my basket whilst I was on the sweet isle by the way)

& if buying a load of crap wasn't enough, we decided to order this..

 Woops! What a bunch of fatties!

So my walk to Tesco to make up for my laziness for today, resulted in becoming a fat couch potato.
Ahh well, it was enjoyable :)
Btw, I haven't eaten all them sweets yet! I'm not that fat! ;)


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