Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Krispy Kreme

Mmm Mm!
Krispy Kreme must be the nicest place to get doughnuts from, like, no joke, it actually is the best.

I went there last night with my friend Lauren after taking a trip to the Trafford Centre.
We was gonna go to Starbucks but decided Krispy Kremes was a better idea.
Well, was a better idea at the time..
 I regretted it like 30 seconds after buying them, not because they didn't taste absolutely delicious, because they did, but.. Because they aren't cheap. Well, for a doughnut they're not anyway. 

The Krispy Kreme we went to has it's own little "factory" in it, where they make the doughnuts :)

I only wanted to buy one but Lauren tricked me into thinking geting a dozen & sharing them between us was a better idea, she should be a saleswoman for the place!

After being peer pressured (lol) into buying 6 doughnuts in total, we decided to sit in this cute little area..

Here are my yummy doughnuts which I wanted to attempt to give back & ask for a refund.. I doubt that would of gone down too well. So I decided to just keep them & be depressed over spending like £5.

When I got home, my mum decided to pinch two of them & then for the cheek say "I didn't really like that, it was too sweet".
So that made me even more depressed at the fact I spent £5 & then my mum ate them & then didn't like it. 
It just wasn't my day.

I was still depressed this morning when I saw the box in the fridge.
I need to cheer up, how am I letting a doughnut bring me down!? haha!

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