Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I think it's easy to tell Frankie&Bennys is my favourite place to eat.
If you have me on Twitter, you'll notice I'm there like, everyday.
Okay, maybe not every day but I do visit there quite often..

I went with Matthew, my friend Robyn & her boyfriend Danny. Was lovely :) 

Here's Matthew making a bib like a baby because he didn't want to spill anything on his white t-shirt haha!

After eating our meals & chatting away for awhile, it was time for the desert, desert is always my favorite when it comes to Frankie&Bennys, look at this bad boy! It's called...


Mmm Mm!

Doesn't that look absolutely delicious!?  
Chocolate brownies with ice cream & whipped cream with warm berries & sauce topped with chocolate sauce, malteasers, crunchy pieces & a wafer.

Heaven on a plate that is right there..

Hope you enjoyed your evenings! :D

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