Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beautiful Sunshine

Ahh what a lovely day today has been! :D

I went for lunch with my friend Emily, was lovely! Although I wasn't happy at the fact there was a lunch menu that said "burger & chips - £2.50" & mine cost me £6.70 -___-
Was a bloody good job it tasted nice other wise I would of threw it back into the kitchen where they made it!

After lunch, I went back to Emily's house for a cuppa & a Kardashian catch up!
She also made me some yummy ice cream & topped it with crumbled Oreo's
Mmm Mm! 

After a lovely day with Emily, I went home & sat in the garden with my Mum, Dad & Aunty.. Oh & my dog, Samson :)

The sun was beautiful today & according to the weather forcast it's suppose to be sunny all week, wahoo!

Hope you're all enjoying the sun :)

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