Saturday, 19 May 2012


Didn't finish work until 11:45 last night (pfft!) & had to be up early this morning to set off on a journey to Birmingham NEC with Matthew for the BodyPower event.
It's like a place where body builders & fitness freaks go really.. I just went so he wasn't on his own haha :)

We got a picture with Kai Green (who came 3rd in Mr Olympia 2011 & won 2 Arnold Classics - what ever that is!)
We also queued up for like 2 hours for this picture!

Matthew also bought a new shake cup thingy which he got signed by Flex Lewis (don't have a clue who he is!)
He got a picture with him also.. :)

We're both exhausted now but it was a good day :)

Off to mine soon (just at Matthew's at the minute) to have a drink with couple friends & family & what not.. So yeah, see you on tomorrow's post!
Oh that reminds me.. Tomorrow, Zeena is coming to visit me - yayy! Super exited :D

Anyway, as I was saying, see you tomorrow, have a good night! :)

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