Friday, 11 May 2012


I'm so sorry about not posting as often as I do!
 I know I said this the other day as well but I just wanted to say it again because I haven't posted since the 9th! :O
That's like 10 years in blogging days haha

I've just been busy with work *sigh*. Yesterday, I started at 11am & finished at 9pm, which I suppose is "good" considering I thought I wasn't going to finish until 11pm.
The day before, I went to the cinema with Matthew & watched "Safe". Didn't have time to post about it because we went late & the film finished around 1am & then like I said.. I had work at 11am, so I had to go to sleep :(

Today, I've got a major rush of things to do before work. I don't have work until 5pm but I need to get my nails & eyebrows done & also find some new things for my shoot tomorrow morning. Another rush.
Won't finish work until around 11pm tonight & then my shoot is at 11am tomorrow.. & then I have work after my shoot at 5pm until around 11pm again. FML.

So busy, so tired, so.... pee'd off ¬__¬


  1. Wow soooo busy :o

  2. Aw hope work is going okay doll!

    1. Ah thank you chick, it's alright.. just annoying at times :(