Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Failed Plans (Well, Not for Me!)

After a long day of shooting, Nandos was on the cards! 
Well, for me it was, everyone else wanting to go to the cinema.
Everyone else being, Matthew, Robyn & Danny. I did want to go too but Nandos sounded a better plan!

So anyway, we get to the cinema & started queing up for the Dictator & waiting for our Orange Wednesday codes, which didn't happen. Apparently, the Orange systems were down & weren't sending out codes..
This was my chance to reveal Nandos was a better idea! ;)

So I said "I'm not paying (& neither are you Matthew) £15+ for a crappy film, when we could get a Nandos for 2 with that!"
After a few minutes debating.. All agreed & off to Nandos we go! :D

Mmm Mm!
Chicken breast pitta - mango & lime with garlic bread & chips - delicious!

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