Friday, 4 May 2012

Still Feeling No Better..

I feel just as horrible today as I did yesterday.. I'm shattered from work, didn't get out until about 11:30pm & I'm in again at 5pm today until the same time probably.
My feet were killing & my back is aching also. My mum had a bath ready for me last night for when I got in to relax my muscles a little. My feet feel better but my back still hurts a bit :(

I think I'm super drained because of me not eating properly (like I mentioned on my previous post)
Yesterday, all I ate was a bowl of cereal o_O I wasn't hungry just before work, I couldn't eat in work, we don't get a break & after work it was too late to be eating because I'd be going to bed :(

So today, I've ate a pizza. Not the best option because it's fatty but hopefully it will keep me filled up through work & hopefully I'll burn off all the fattiness in work from non-stop walking around.

I also didn't get the best of sleep last night either so I'm super tired today. My dog keeps sleeping out side my door & kicking it SO loud in his sleep. He did it at 3:30am today which kept me up for a bit.
& ANOTHER thing that gets me up early is my dad singing his head off in the mornings -___-
It's a good job he doesn't have a bad voice otherwise I'd be annoyed x1000

Hopefully I'll get a good sleep tonight, I need it.

^ Wearing Matthew's dressing gown to keep me warm & snug when he's not here ^_^

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