Sunday, 6 May 2012

Best Boyfriend in The World!

Exactly what the title says! ^_^

Last night, I had HELL at work. Was super duper busy & my feet were in absolute agony. 
I didn't finish until about 11:15-11:30pm (can't remember exact time) so I thought I was going to miss my last tram home.
However, as I was walking to the tram, I realized I had a text from Matthew saying "ring me when you finish x" so of course.. I rang.
When he answered he asked where I was so I told him & asked why? He said "Well, I'm driving through town." (I thought that was odd because it's not often Matthew randomly drives through town late on a Saturday night) so I asked how come he was driving through town & he replied "I wanted to pick my girlfriend up if that's okay?" haha, I laughed & said "Awwwww! Thank you so much!" ect ect.. & walked up to where he was about to park up.
It was a nice surprise because I'd not seen him since last Tuesday & I had no idea he was picking me up.  
Plus, my feet were killing so it saved me a walk to the tram & walk home! ;D

When I got home, my mum had run the bath for me to sooth my feet & stuff. But because Matthew is the best boyfriend in the world, he massaged them for me too ^_^
I know, sounds gross because feet are gross. But mine are "small & cute" like "cartoon feet" according to Matthew so he's not bothered. Bless him :)

After that, we just got in bed, snuggled up & went to sleep.
I had work at 11am this morning  ¬__¬

Waking up to my lovely boyfriend put a smile on my face though :)
He's still in dreamland here in this picture haha! Aww ^_^