Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Friend's College Project

So today, I had to go into my friend's college to be her model for her college project. She decided to do hers on the Black Swan.
I forgot exactly what the project was. I think she is doing beauty/make-up so it was something like "creative media" or something..

This is the result..

I think she did a good job! Loved the feathers!
Only bad thing is, it felt HORRIBLE to have all that crap on my face. Was so nice to take it all off & have a fresh, clean face again, yayy! :D

I also had a facial done by her so my face feels so soft & has a nice glow to it - Thank you Leah! :D


  1. Hello am a make-up artist from stockport college.I have this big show for debnhams as you will be modeling the clothes and also the make-up if you are intereted please E-mail me at

    Will be looking forward from hearing from you.

    1. Hello, thank you for the comment! I have emailed you :)