Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fancy Dress Ideas?

I need your help. I have a fancy dress party to go to on the 2nd June (I think that's the date) & I have no idea what to go as?
I was thinking maybe Poison Ivy or Cleopatra or something? But I can't find any decent outfits :(
Matthew is coming as well, so maybe we could do something as a couple.  As in, something that matches.
Obviously we're already an official couple! ^_^

Matthew wanted to go as a gangster, like the old one's in Mafia.
Y'know, the ones in the suits & all that jazz.

If he does, I might just go as his side chick (LOL) I dunno..


Pahaha, joke, we're not wearing that.. but yeah.. any ideas, feel free to tell me! ^_^

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