Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nurse Paige!

Matthew's cat got hold of a baby bird :(
I'm a big animal lover & couldn't watch it suffer on the floor, so I picked it up & took it inside.

After I took it in, me & Matthew's mum dropped little bits of water in it's mouth & also attempted to give it some bird seeds to try & nurse it back to health.

After I held him for awhile, it was Matthew's turn to hold him & try & make him better :)

Look how cute he is!

When the bird got warmed up & settled down he attempted walking a bit. He succeeded but didn't get far, only got onto Matthew's top..

As you can tell, Matthew took a shine to him & was nursing it back to health as if it was a little baby :)
Can you see where the bird is on this picture? Awww :)

It was so rewarding knowing I was helping something so helpless, makes me want my dream of working with animals even more!


  1. oh how cute! So sweet of you guys to take care of it:) the birds mom probably appreciates it haha <3

    1. We both love animals so much & couldn't watch it suffer! :( & yeah I'm sure the birds mum does, she was on the fence when we took him inside so I hope she knew we were trying to help him! :) such an adorable little bird :) <3