Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bites! ¬_¬

On the sad side of things, the sun has gone, we are now due our typical rainy weather.. On the good side of things, I hope that means no more bites are on the way!

I never ever get bit on holiday, yet over this past week or so that we've had good weather, I've been bitten like crazy!
Just look at the size of this one on the side of my thigh/bum, it's huge!

& that's only one of them! I have about 3/4 on my arm, 2 on my foot & 1 on my shoulder :(
The others are smaller than this though thank god, but they still itch like crazy!

I hope none of you have been bitten, it's really no fun :(


  1. I hate it when i get bitten. Im allergic too so i get huge marks, the worst part is that i get bitten right under my eyes so it looks like i've been beaten up. So basically i can't go out with that haha so scared that it will happen to me the day before graduation. Hope you had a nice day Paige<3

    1. Oh no that doesn't sound good! Luckily I've never been bitten on my face, never really get bit at all until this past week :(
      Good luck for your graduation! Fingers crossed no nasty bugs will bite you! :) & thank you doll, hope you have a nice day also :) <3