Monday, 21 May 2012


Had a good sleep last night - finally!  
& this morning, I woke up to a cuddle & a kiss on the cheek from Matthew, which of course, put an instant smile on my face ^_^
Aww, he's such a cutie pie!
The smile on my face stook when I looked through the blinds to see it was sunny! Yayy!

Sun, sun, sun! Always makes everyone happy :)
& apparently, it's going to be sunny all the week & possibly all next week as well - woo hoo!

Plan of action for today is.. Head to Trafford Centre whilst Matthew is in the gym (his gym is pretty much over the road from there so it works out good!) & then help Matthew wash his car. No, I'm not gonna be climbing on the bonnet, swishing my hair around.. Although that does sound pretty fun! ^_^ haha!

Hope you all have a fun day in the sun! :D

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