Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shoot for Lubna Nazir

I was asked by make-up artist Lubna Nazir to do a shoot today with photographer Afsha Siddique.
 I was so excited about this because both of their skills put together equals amazing work!

I haven't got all of the professional pictures yet so I'll upload them on a separate post when I get them ^_^
But here's a sneak peak from what I took myself on my phone..

I also got my shift covered at work which was lucky! I was really tired & was running a bit late so a colleague covered for me which was super nice of her! 

Here's another picture without the bottom liner. Love the make-up both ways but this way makes it more wearable :)

Sorry about the bad quality images. I was using the front camera on my phone & it's rubbish!

Professional pictures will be uploaded soon :)


  1. too stunning! If im ever up by you we have to do a shoot! :) xxx

    1. thank you chica! & omg YES! that would be fab! let me know if you're ever here & we will defo arrange something! :) xx