Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Ahh, what a lovely day today has been! Love the sun :)
Anyway, haven't really got much to say apart from the fact I'm looking forward to a nice lie in tomorrow! :D
Poor Matthew has work at 6am & I'll still be in bed by the time he gets home - yayy! Haha :)
Oh & one more thing.. Todd (Matthew's cat) also decided to invade my space & sat right in front of my laptop, he looks super into what ever he was looking at, at this moment hahaha. This picture made me LOL. I showed Matthew & he was just like "what you laughing at?" obvs didn't get the amusement I got from this picture.. You ready? :'D

LOOOOL! Just look at his face! Hil-frickin-arious!
Well, I thought so anyway.. :D
Oh & ignore Matthew's cringey posters in the background..
 He keeps saying he's going to take them down & always forgets. He's had them up since he was like 16 & he's 22 now ¬__¬


Goodnight everyone, mwah! X

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