Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Woke up pretty early this morning, feeling fresh as a daisy!

After drinking plenty of water today, continuing on my "healthier lifestyle", I then ruined it by going on an Easter egg hunt at Matthew's aunties house with his family :) 
Which of course was so worth cheating my healthy eating haha!

I think Matthew found the most eggs, he found 7! I only found 4, although I did find the "golden" one though!
(which was in fact a kinder egg, mmm mm!)

After the Easter Egg hunt we went back inside & tucked into all this cute stuff!

How cute does this little table of yummy stuff look!?

Matthew's cousin Bethany made them cupcakes, try & tell me they aren't the cutest things ever!
They tasted delicious also! :)

Here are my Easter Eggs & my little ones that I found on the hunt :)

Hope you all had a good Easter! :D

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