Friday, 20 April 2012

Loooong Day!

Blah, the weather sucked ass today! BUT.. I still happened to have a good day.
Let me just explain why now..

Okay, first of all. Me & my doll Nada decided we would go grab us an ice-cream from somewhere.
The weather was AWFUL though.. Heavy rain, hailstone, thunder - you name it! We had it!
So I decided to zip up my jacket as far as it would go so that no rain could get in..
I also had a brolly as well of course..

Anyway, our plan for ice-cream failed & we ended up in Costa.
I grabbed myself a peach fruit cooler & Nada got a mango fruit cooler - delicious!

After Costa.. Me & Nada were just shopping, having a catch up, like you do & then Boo rings me..
You all know Boo right? 
She's been in my posts a couple of times.. & for those who don't know, she is also Matthew's cousin, so she's pretty much family to me - yayy! :D

So yeah.. Boo rings me & says "What you doing Padge?" (yep, she calls me Padge) so I say.. "well, urmm, I'm just in town with Nada, what's up?".. "Ohhh are ya!? Well.. I just wondered if you fancied coming into my work & doing a trial shift?" At this moment, I had a mini heart attack/burst of excitement..
 So with that I was like "SURE THANGGGG"..
So yeah, I buys me a black top as that is what I had to wear..
Because as you can see in the picture above, my top isn't black.

I then got to her work still having a mini heart attack/excitement fit & then she puts my apron thingy on.
I was about to experience being a waitress! I've always wondered if it's fun to be a waitress..

& as a matter of fact I enjoyed it!
Except from the fact my feet were BURNING because I had little shoe boots on.. 
Obviously not expecting to be called in for a work trial, otherwise I would of worn something a little more appropriate..


After my little shift (I think I was working about 4 hours or something, I dunno) I had a chat with one of the managers who in fact was absolutely LOVELY!!! & she said to me "if you are happy to work here, I am happy to employ you". So I was like "WAHOO! Hell yeahhh!"
Okay, I didn't say hell yeah like I was some ghetto child but I did get a bit excited!
However, I have gotta go in on Tuesday to meet the main manager to confirm things & what not, so I don't wanna be all like "YAYY I HAVE A JOB!".. Just in case I haven't.

After my shift, they treated me to a cocktail.. & then another one & then to top it off, they give me another one!

That's just me & Boo, chillin' with our cocktails at the bar because we can ;)

So yeah, all in all, I had a good, long ass day :)

Hope you all had a good day also!


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