Sunday, 22 April 2012

Holiday Shop

Holiday shopping is my FAVE type of shopping.
I've just ordered a couple of things from H&M, hopefully they will be here within the next couple of days - wahoo!


Shorts - £7.99, Bikini Top - £9.99, Bikini Bottoms - £7.99, Coral Dress - £12.99 
Beige Dress - £1.99, Black Dress - £1.99

As you can probably tell, I'm loving orange/coral colours this year!
Can't wait to try all this stuff on & see what it looks like :)

I also got these trousers...

These aren't for my holiday, but I bought them with this bunch of holiday stuff so I thought I may as well show you :)
These trousers were £7.99

Lovin' H&M at the moment! Loads of super nice holiday stuff, especially bikinis! There are so many that I want but I'm going to try & pretend I haven't seen them..

What's your fave' holiday item to buy? :)

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